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3D Printing has landed at BRW Electronics. Some thought it was just a dream that you would be able to walk into an electronics store some day and buy a 3-D Printer. Welcome to the future at BRW Electronics, home of the PintrBot Simple 3D Printers and the RadioShack brand filaments needed to invent and manufacture the plastic products of your dreams. Not sure how 3D printing actually works? Stop by and BRW Electronics will demonstrate on their in-store PrintrBot. Come in and try it out.

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) will make you a star in the trendy new Maker Movement! If you like do-it-yourself projects or you’re an electronics buff, then D.I.Y. is for you. Pick a project and BRW Electronics can provide you with all the materials and step-by-step instructions to build a useful item from start to finish. Recording modules, water alarms, motion triggers, fans, mini notebooks and other hobby projects are just a small sample of what you can build. Join the Maker Movement right here at BRW Electronics.


FITNESS & HEALTH have no boundaries but the right equipment could make your efforts pay off. Gear up to get fit with wearable activity trackers, core and strength training tools, plus health and grooming gadgets that could change your life. We’re keeping you healthy, active and beautiful at BRW Electronics. You may be amazed at what you will discover for fitness and health! 

3D Printing