Cell Phone & Tablet Repair

Phones break all the time.  Whether it’s because of a little water damage or a broken screen, the cost to repair it will definitely out-weigh the cost to replace it.  BRW Electronics offers in-store Mobile Device Repair from professionally trained technicians. We have the technology to repair your cell phone or tablet and save you some money. All of our repairs come with a best-in-industry 90 day guarantee.

Some issues may be internal and restrict you from using a certain part of your device or perhaps even turning it on is an issue.  If you bring your phone to us at BRW we will work to identify the issue as soon as possible and fix it in a timely manner. Most repairs are quick and by the time you get your device back it will look and function as brand new.  Part of the process includes cleaning the device; headphone and charging ports are some of the dustiest, smallest and hardest spots to clean but during our repair it will be cleaned. 

Problems that are not internal, such as a cracked screen, can still affect the way your device works.  Cracked screens usually lead to the following problems:

  • Unable to read emails/texts
  • Unable to use certain letters, can’t send emails/texts
  • Unable to take photos
  • Not being able to unlock the device
  • Some devices are so shattered the user can’t use critical apps such as Uber, Facebook, or Maps

Small cracks only lead to more cracks, bigger cracks.  You shouldn’t have to text with band-aids on!  So next time you drop your device or jump in the pool with your phone in your pocket, come down to BRW Electronics and let us handle the problem!

 We are located in Greenfield, MA and Brattleboro, VT.  Not able to make it into our store? Call us at our Massachusetts location at (413)773-7285 or our Vermont store at (802)257-5229.

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