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Feel the music with one of the largest selection of headphones that you can ever find at BRW Electronics. Choose the style that moves you including behind the neck, combo packs of two, earbuds and earclips, over the head models, special headphones and mono devices, plus a full assortment of headphones accessories. Slip them on and groove to the music at BRW Electronics. 






  • Wireless/Bluetooth
    • Although many people believe Bluetooth and wireless headphones are the same, there are some slight differences. Wireless headphones connect to a device using radio waves through Bluetooth connectivity.  This enables wireless use, but limits the distance the device must be from the headphones.  Bluetooth wireless headphones work the same way, but allow the user to leave the music device further from where they are located.  This is important in scenarios such as a gym, where the user wants to leave a phone in their gym bag but still have the range to listen to music while working out.  This scenario is best for Bluetooth headphones, as the device is able to be placed further from the actual user.
    • From ear buds, over-ear and on-ear, most of these types of headphones are able to be purchased as a wireless or Bluetooth capable technology as well as the traditional cord technology.
  • Over-Ear
    • Over-Ear headphones work exactly how they sound. They are designed to enclose around the entire ear, have a larger base, and weigh a little more than traditional headphones.  They are also known as “circumaural” headphones which mean that the padded cups fully enclose your ears. 
    • Although they are larger and heavier than traditional on-ear headphones, they act as noise reducing headphones since the sound from the headphones is moving throughout the entire area and not just over the opening of the ear. This allows for better clarity as well as less noise from background objects when listening to music or audio.  Over-ear headphones also produce a more natural sound that we typically hear from a stereo.  This is because the sound reflects off the folds of the ear instead of direct sound waves entering our ear.
  • On-Ear
    • On-ear headphones are small, lightweight, and usually inexpensive compared to the Over-Ear counterparts. On-Ear headphones are best for traveling as they take up much less room and can be folded into a small rectangle for easy carry.  On-Ear headphones fit directly on top of the ear, and the padding of the headphone will align with the outer ear instead of fitting over the entire ear.
    • On-Ear headphones however shoot direct sound waves into the ear canal and produce a unique sound that is different from when we listen to a stereo. Although this may be true, adjusting the bass and treble on your music device will help to counteract these differences.
  • Ear bud & In-ear
    • Ear bud/In-Ear headphones are very small and traditional music headphones that have been around for years. In-Ear headphones have been used for years for quick listening of music while walking or taking the bus.  These headphones are very small and can easily fit into your pocket.  The advantage of using these headphones is that they are the most inexpensive style of headphones, but produce great sound while cancelling out unwanted sound.  In-Ear headphones stay in place as well, and many even have the optional plastic piece that fits around your ear for extra security while running or exercising.
  • Refurbished headphones
    • We offer a large variety of refurbished headphones that we have purchased in store from their previous owners. All headphones are checked for usage marks, quality of sound, and the age of the headphones.  Our team of professionals checks every pair of headphones to ensure they are working to like-new conditions and sound great!  Being refurbished, they are cleaned well and are marked down from the original price to fit nearly every budget.



  • Sports and exercise
    • Without a doubt, everyone loves to listen to music while working out. Many ask however, “What’s my best option for headphones while exercising?”  In-Ear headphones offer the most compatible uses while working out.  They are small and lightweight so they do not hold you back.  They can also be wireless so they do not get in your way while working out.
    • Advantage: In-Ear
  • Work
    • Work may come in different styles for people depending on their career and type of work they do on a regular basis. We suggest looking into In-Ear or Over-Ear headphones as the best option while working.  Although they are dramatically different, they cover all spectrums.  If you are constantly on the move, then small, lightweight headphones may be the best options so they are not in your way while trying to move around.  If you work in a noisy office or outdoor location, Over-Ear headphones provide the best option as they are great at cancelling noise, and produce quality sound.
    • Advantage: In-Ear and Over-Ear
  • Travel
    • When traveling, a small set of headphones is a must. To get the best sound and most comfortable option, we suggest On-Ear headphones to get you through your trip.
    • Advantage: On-Ear
  • Fashion
    • Fashion is a constant change, and so are the headphones that go along with the fashion. This market is ever-changing and there is no one option that will be the best.  If you are looking for a sleek and unnoticeable look, small In-ear headphones may be for you.  However, if you’re looking to make a big statement, On-Ear or Over-Ear may be for you.  As you can see, depending on your location and personal style, any type of headphone can fit your needs.
    • Advantage: Tied
  • Gaming
    • Looking to move to the next level? A great pair of headphones will help you to hear your surroundings as well as interact with other players online. Without a doubt, Over-Ear headphones are the best option for gaming.  They provide noise cancelation as well as the most natural sound that you would hear.  Many gaming headphones are custom for gaming options and include a wireless option for moving games as well as an additional sound piece to talk to, and interact with users online.
    • Advantage: Over-Ear
  • Kids
    • Kids can be a handful, and quality headphones that won’t break when dropped or sat on are a must! Many kids and parents prefer an Over-Ear style as they are non abrasive to the ear canal of a growing child.
    • Advantage: Over-Ear
  • DJ
    • DJ headphones are selective and top notch for the user to own. DJ Headphones are almost always going to be Over-Ear but some options are On-Ear Headphones.  Because music and the surroundings can be loud, noise cancelation is a must have for a DJ.  Many DJ’s will purchase “Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones for on stage.  They offer the best options for a DJ, and are undoubtedly preferred by many DJ’s across the globe.
    • Advantage: Over-Ear