Batteries & Power

Need a battery? We can say with confidence that we have that one! Whether you need a simple AA, AAA, C, D or 9 Volt battery, we’ve got it. We also carry batteries for cameras, camcorders, cordless phones and specialty batteries that you can’t find anywhere else. Need power or cords for your cell phone or laptop, stop by and we’ll even install it.  Give us a call or stop by and we'll be happy to help.


            The world is portable and you should be too!  BRW offers one of the largest assortments of Portable chargers in the Massachusetts and Vermont area.  Many of our products are name brand and recognized across the globe.  Our portable chargers and power pack brands include: Belkin, PNY, Axess, Steren and others! 

            In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone is on the go and needs to charge an assortment of electronic devices.  Portable chargers are the best invention since the wheel!  You simply charge your portable charger overnight using the USB plug-in.  When your phone, tablet, camera, or other device begins to lose its charge, simply plug your charger cord into the portable device, plug it into your electronic device, and your device will begin to charge. 

            So stop worrying about if your phone will make it through the day.  Instead,  purchase a portable charger for less than $10!  Come down to BRW Electronics today!

Button Batteries

Some devices are so small you wonder how they can have power.  The answer to that is Button Batteries.  These are very small batteries commonly used in devices such as:

  • hearing aids
  • car keys
  • calculators
  • wrist watches
  • pacemakers
  • remotes
  • laser pointers
  • and many other devices.

Button Batteries have a long life span and a low self-discharge rate.  A low self-discharge means they release small amounts of power at a time.  These small batteries will hold their charge for a long period of time if not used.    

General Purpose Batteries:

            The “regular” battery has been around for decades, and although they have seen a decline in use, they are still relevant in today’s world.  However, with so many technological advances, why continue to purchase dozens of batteries that last a month then end up in the trash?  Switch over to one of the many rechargeable batteries we have in stock.  The rechargeable batteries last for years and simply recharge by plugging them into a wall outlet overnight.  The selections of batteries we offer are:

  • AA
  • AAA
  • C
  • D
  • 9V
  • And more!

Camera and Video batteries:

            The photography trend is hot and so is having extra batteries.  With adventures taking you all over the world, having an additional battery in the bag is a must for any photography or videography.  Camera batteries can be as high as several hundred dollars for a top notch battery.  At BRW Electronics, we offer the same batteries for less!  We offer many refurnished and used batteries at a steeply discounted price.  We also carry off brand products for a lower price than the manufacturers’ brand.  However, if you’re still looking to stick with the exact battery your camera or video camera came with, we offer every type of battery imaginable.  Our camera and battery brands include:

  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Toshiba
  • Sony
  • Fujifilm
  • Panasonic
  • And other brands both name brand and off brand!

Not sure if an off-brand battery is safe? Talk to our electronics specialists and they’ll tell you why an off brand battery is even better than name brand! Visit one of our locations in either Greenfield, MA or Brattleboro, VT to choose from the largest selection of recording and imaging equipment batteries.

Portable Power:

Since the invention of cordless phones, the world has been a less tangled mess!  However, cordless phones are powered by battery packs.  We offer batteries for cordless house phones, cell phones, and every other type of battery powered phone on the market.  Here are some of the brands of batteries we offer for phones:

  • AT&T
  • Energizer
  • General Electric
  • Motorola
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Steren
  • Clarity
  • VTech
  • And many others!

Cell phones have become a regularly used item across the world, and with so much use, the battery quickly falls into the low threshold.  There are many solutions to charging a phone, and at BRW Electronics, we know them all!  Here are a few solutions to your problem:

You could purchase a car charger for your morning commute, evening drive, or if you’re simply going to the store.  Using a car charger will save you time and you won’t have to worry about keeping your phone charged while on the go. 

Another solution is to invest in portable power.  These are rechargeable batteries with USB connections that range in power (amperage) from 2 mAmp to 10 mAmp and will power anything from a single flip phone to multiple tablets depending on the amperage.  We suggest taking this route as portable power can serve multiple purposes.  The portable power is charged overnight by being plugged into the wall.  Then, when needed for use, your simply plug in the USB cord of your electronic device into the USB port on the portable charger, and your device will be energized within no time!

To learn more about our portable power, click here.

Batteries don’t last forever, but they shouldn’t die that quick.  Stop by your local BRW Electronics to learn more about phone battery life, and the many solutions to your low battery problems.

Our two locations carry all of these brands and more for your phone!  Remember that properly charging your phone will keep the battery lasting longer and storing the phone in a cool dry place is a must to avoid overheated electronics. 

Laptop Batteries:

Give your laptop new life with a battery pack to replace the old battery that doesn’t last nearly as long as you’d like it to.  Many people complain that after some time, the battery in their laptop just doesn’t live as long as it used to.  This could be because of age, over charge, heat exposure, or drop/spill damage that has affected your internal battery.

Many people decide that it’s best to junk the laptop and purchase a new one at a local electronics retailer.  There’s no need when you can purchase a battery pack for your laptop!  A new laptop can cost hundreds, if not thousands.  Instead, purchase a battery pack for less than expected at BRW Electronics.

Our retail locations offer nickel cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), and lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries for all brands of laptops.  Many laptops use lithium ion power because it is long lasting and reliable.  Depending on the wattage, power of the laptop, and other factors, a battery could cost as little as $20. 

If you’re wondering what battery is best for your laptop, call us at (413) 773-7285 for our Greenfield, MA location or at (802) 257-5229 for our Brattleboro, VT location.  Ask to talk to a laptop technician or specialist to be guided in the right direction!

Surge Protectors, Power Cords & Adaptors

Surge Protectors

            Come down to BRW Electronics, where we have the largest selection of surge protectors for your home or office!

We offer many brands, sizes, and price ranges for surge protection.  From small power strips that only have 2 outlets, to large 10 outlet power strips; we carry the largest variety in the area! 

Some of the newest surge protectors are the best yet and are continuing to improve through power output and size.  We offer adaptor surge protectors at both of our locations.  The adaptors plug into a single power outlet in your home or office, and provide 2 or 4 additional slots to charge more items in one outlet.

We also carry multiuse surge protectors that offer more than just an outlet.  Some unique brands have created wall plug-ins that also come equipped with a USB outlet to charge your phone, and have a sliding door to hold your phone while it charges. 

For all of your electric and power needs, come visit BRW Electronics!

Power Cords

We offer a great selection of Power Cords and Cables for all home media, office, and personal use.  The six categories of Power Cords are:

  • Computer Power Cords
  • Data Center Power Cords
  • European Power Cord
  • Extension Power Cords
  • Monitor Power Adapter Cords
  • Universal Power Cods

Not sure which adapter or cable you need? Our in-store specialists will be able to assist you in your search for the right cable.  Visit us at one of our two locations.


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Specialty Batteries

Having a tough time finding the right battery for your device?  Even those pesky little watch batteries can be a pain to find.  Our trained employees will search a large company database to find the right specialty battery for your device.

Bring in any of your electronic devices to find the right fit. Our staff will be glad to help and will be able to locate a specialty battery for any device.  Not able to make it into our store? Call us at our Massachusetts location at (413)773-7285 or our Vermont store at (802)257-5229.